Guide for Canon Pixma MX922 Fax Setup

The steps that are stated below will help you set up your printer for sending and receiving faxes. Before you proceed to Canon Pixma MX922 Fax Setup, make sure you have a telephone cable with you. If any issues arise with regard to fax, you can look up for solutions to solve your canon mx922 fax problems on this website. We have provided troubleshooting methods for errors that occur with your Canon printer.

Canon MX922 Fax Setup

  • Turn on your Canon printer and navigate to the Menu option.
  • Press the Setup button and tap the Device Settings option.
  • Choose the Fax Settings option and then select the Easy Setup option.
  • Tap the Start setup option. Now, follow the on-screen guidelines.
  • Connect the phone cord between the Canon MX922 printer and the telephone line.
  • Next, associate the printer and telephone or answering machine.
  • Press the Hook button to check if you are able to hear a dial tone.
  • Choose between Yes (Fax and Voice) or No(Fax Only).
  • Perform the additional settings according to your choice and complete the setup.
  • Once you have set up the fax, you can send or receive a fax.
Guide for Canon MX922 Fax Setup

How to Send & Receive Fax

  • You can receive and send faxes on your Canon Pixma 922 printer .if you have a phone line attached to the ‘line’ port of the device. Follow these sending steps if you are using a device.
  • To send a fax from the device, press the Fax button on the Pixma.
  • Load the documents which you like to fax into the glass platen.
  • Use the dial-pad and dial the phone number you are sending the fax to.
  • Press the ‘Color’ button if you want color transmission or the ‘Black’ button for the black and white transmission.
  • The fax will start to send.
  • Follow these steps if you are sending a fax from a Computer.
  • Ensure the printer Canon Pixma MX922 Fax Setup drivers are installed in your printer and Turn on your printer.
  • Open the document which you like to fax, then choose File Print.
  • The location of the print menu will differ based on the application you are using.
  • Now the print dialog box appears. Select the ‘Canon MX922 series Fax’ option, then choose Print.
  • Select ‘Display Address Book’ to choose a saved recipient.
  • Select the ‘Send Now’ button.
  • For receiving fax ensure the device is powered on, and the paper is loaded in the input tray.
  • Press the ‘Fax’ button.
  • Press the center ‘Function’ button.
  • Use the arrow keys to select the receive mode, then press the ‘OK’ button.

How to Setup Canon Pixma MX922 Wireless Fax Issues


Common Issue

Sending Faxes without a landline is the common canon mx922 fax problems to solve this you can use these Faxing applications.



It allows the user to send a fax up to two faxes in 24 hours for free of cost.


Fax Burner

It allows you to send or receive fax through your email,iPhone, or iPad. This free plan allows you to send five pages and receive up to 25 pages per month for Canon Pixma MX922 Fax Setup.



This application is available for Android and Apple users, which includes customizable templates and choosing between canon mx922 not receiving faxes.

I Cannot Receive Faxes

  • Users cannot receive faxes if the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer is switched Off.
  • Turn the Power On by long pressing the ON button.
  • If you have removed the electrical cord, reconnect it and wait until your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer turns On automatically.
  • The received faxes are stored in the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer’s memory.
  • Else, you can save the received faxes into a USB flash drive.
  • Look for any error message on the LCD screen of your printer.
  • If an error message appears, troubleshoot the same and then check if your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer can receive the faxes.
  • Make sure to disable the Fax reception reject feature in the Security Control tab under the Fax Settings dialog box.

Send & Receiving Fax Issue

  • Make sure that you have connected the Canon PIXMA M922 printer into a functioning wall socket.
  • Save memory space by deleting the contents from it. Ensure that the telephone line is set properly for Canon Pixma MX922 Fax Setup.
  • Try to turn Off the Dial tone defect feature. Check if an error occurs during the transmission process.
  • Confirm whether the telephone line is plugged in appropriately.
  • Try decreasing the transmission start speed of your telephone line connection.
  • Make sure that the file to be faxed is inserted correctly.
  • Confirm that the platen glass or ADF tray is not dirty. Check if there is enough ink inside your cartridges.