Canon MX922 Wireless Setup

Canon MX922 Wireless Protected Configuration Setup

  • First, power Up your Canon MX922 printer.
  • Now, navigate to the operation panel of your Canon MX922 printer and then tap the Menu button.
  • Utilize the arrow keys for selecting the WLAN setup option.
  • Press the OK button, and now your Canon MX922 Wireless Setup searches for all the wireless networks.
  • A screen appears on the touch panel after a WPS compatible network router is detected.
  • Now, navigate to the router, and then long press the WPS button on it for approximately five to ten seconds.
  • Select the OK button on the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer’s front panel.
Canon MX922 Wireless Setup
  • When the Connected to the Access Point dialog box displays on the screen, tap the OK button on it. Your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer will establish a connection with the how to setup canon pixma mx922 wireless Fidelity network.

How to Setup Standard Wireless Printer for Windows & Mac

  • To connect your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer using the Standard connection method, refer to the guidelines below.
  • Find and tap the Menu button on your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer.
  • Highlight the WLAN Setup by making use of the arrow keys.
  • Then, select the OK button. Your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer will search for all the nearby Wi-Fi networks. By default, the Standard Canon MX922 Wireless Setup option will be highlighted.
  • Press OK. After the searching process is complete, the list of available Wi-Fi networks gets displayed on the touch panel.
  • Select your network name using the Down and Up arrow buttons. Once your SSID is highlighted, tap OK.
  • If your router has a password, you must type it in the Enter Passphrase field.
  • Go to the Character Entry window by tapping on the OK option.
  • Enter the characters for your SSID and then touch the left Function button.
  • The typed password will appear on the screen, choose OK.
  • Your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer will now try to link to the network.
  • After the device connects to the network, tap OK, link your PC to the same network, and then perform a print job.

Install Printer on Windows Computer

Begin the Installer, study the connection prompt, and then click on the Next button.

  • The Software Installation list displays on your personal computer.
  • To use your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer, choose the MP drivers option. Select all the other apps that you wish to launch.
  • Click on the Yes button on the License Agreement dialog box.
  • Run the Install Wizard by clicking on the Next option. In the Detected Printers List, choose your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer.
  • Tap Next on the Setup Complete pop-up window.
  • Proceed by following the on-screen instructions and end the installation by selecting the Next button.

Install Printer on Mac

Load the CD that came with your Canon device into your computer’s external drive.

  • If your Mac PC does not have a CD/DVD drive, use a USB flash drive. Start the installation by selecting the Canon MX922 Wireless Setup icon.
  • Choose the Download button and click the Next option on the Download Complete dialog box.
  • Launch the Helper tool by selecting Next. Enter the details about your username and the password.
  • Click on the Install Helper option and select the Next button. Continue with the on-screen prompts and wait until the Software Installation List opens on your PC.
  • Once you select the software to be installed, choose Next. Click the Yes button on the License Agreement pop-up window.
  • Choose Add Printer on the Add Printer window. Select your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer in the Kind column and click on the Add button.
  • Choose Next on the Add Printer window. Go with the steps on the screen to finish the setup.

How to Restore Network Setting in Canon Pixma MX922 Printer

Before you reset the Network Settings of your MX922, keep in mind that the customized settings will be erased. Therefore, it is recommended to note down the necessary settings before restoring the factory defaults. To restore Network Settings on Canon Pixma MX922, follow the step by step instructions given below.

  • Turn on the MX922 printer and press the Menu button.
  • Use the arrows to navigate to the Setup menu.
  • Press OK and go to Device Settings.
  • Scroll the screen down and select LAN Settings. Press OK.
  • Now, use the arrow buttons to locate the Reset LAN Settings option.
  • Tap Reset LAN Settings, and a confirmation screen appears on the control panel.
  • Select Yes and wait for the reset process to complete.
  • This process may take a few minutes.
  • Choose OK when you see the Completed message.
MX922 Restore Network Setting

Canon MX922 Wired Setup

  • Turn on the MX922 printer and your computer.
  • Insert the Installation CD into the CD drive of your computer.
  • Click the Easy how to install canon pixma mx922 button and choose the items to be installed.
  • Select Install and click USB Connection.
  • Click Next and connect the USB cable between the computer and the printer.
  • When the Canon MX922 Wireless Setup Completion window appears, select Complete.
  • Before you print a test page, load some paper.
  • On the Installation Complete screen, select Exit.
Canon MX922 Wired Setup

Bluetooth Connection Setup

  • Bluetooth is an adapter used to share files with any Bluetooth enabled device. In the Canon MX922 printer, you can use the Bluetooth to share files in a how to setup canon pixma mx922 wireless network.
  • You can perform the print operation from the computer and the Bluetooth Compliant Devices other than a computer.
  • Let’s see how to print with a computer. Initially, make sure that your printer is powered ON. Now, connect the Canon pixma mx922 bluetooth setup device to the printer’s USB flash drive port.
  • Load paper into the input tray. On your computer, open a document to print.
  • Set the required settings such as page size, orientation, scale, and format type.
  • Click the OK button after completing the Setup process.
  • Finally, click the Print button. The printer starts to print.
  • To print with Bluetooth Compliant devices like phones and tablets, follow the instructions given below.
  • After setting up and attaching the Bluetooth devices to the printer, perform the instructions given below.
  • If you are using Mobile phones, go to the Settings menu and set the media type, page size, etc.
  • Now, turn on Bluetooth option on your phone.
  • The printer starts to print the document you have inserted.

How to Change USB to Bluetooth in Canon MX922

  • Most Canon printers with the USB Connection supports Bluetooth. It does not require any cable for establishing the connection.
  • Remove the USB cable from the printer’s rear. Do not add any new drivers as the driver for USB connection will be already installed.
  • Choose the Start Option on the home screen of the system and click Run. A window displays on the screen. Enter bthprops.cpl in its tab and click OK. Wait until the Bluetooth Settings displays on the screen.
  • Add the printer name to the list by clicking the Add option. Select the My Devices is set up and ready to be found option on the list.
  • Click the Next option to proceed to the next process. The system detects for the nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • Find the printer name from the pop-up list. Click Next. The printer will be connected to the system.
Guide for How to Change USB to Bluetooth

How to Setup Wireless Printer Without CD

  • Learn how to set up your wireless printer without the help of an installation CD.
  • The first step is to download the MP drivers on your computer.
  • Navigate to the Manufacturer’s site and enter your printer model number. Specify the OS version also.
  • Click the Driver Download button to start downloading the drivers.
  • Make sure you are downloading the MP driver package. This package lets you use all the functionalities of your Canon printer.
  • Go to the Downloads location and double-click on the setup file.
  • You should follow the instructions displayed on your screen to install the drivers.
  • After the successful installation, enable the Wi-Fi option available at the bottom of your desktop.
  • Connect to a Canon MX922 Wireless Setup network of your wish. Key in the password correctly.
  • From the printer’s control panel, tap the Wireless icon. Use the arrow keys to navigate.
  • Choose the LAN Settings option and tap Wireless LAN option.
  • Select the Wireless LAN Setup option followed by OK.
  • Choose the connection method as Easy Wireless Connect to connect wirelessly.
  • Now, from the list of network displayed, select the how to setup canon pixma mx922 wireless network to which you have connected your computer.
  • Specify the correct password in the text box provided. Tap Connect.
  • Once the connection is established, you can assign print jobs to the printer.