Easy Steps for Canon Pixma MX922 All in One Printer Setup

  • Once the printer is delivered to you, the first thing to do is to check if all the components have been supplied. Set up the printer carefully to experience uninterrupted service.
  • Check the seal on the shipment box.
  • If the seal is not available, replace your Canon printer.
  • Using scissors cut the tape and open the carton.
  • Make sure that all the components are delivered correctly.
  • Take the Canon MX922 setup printer out and ascertain to position it on a flat surface.
  • Plug the electrical cable to the power port located on the Canon printer. Plug the cable’s other end into the electrical source.
  • Now, press the ON button to switch On the device.
  • Open the cassette, keep enough white papers, and then close it.
  • Canon mx922 Install the original and genuine ink tanks into the Canon printer.
  • End the setup procedure by downloading and installing the driver from this web page on your computer.
Canon MX922 Setup Printer

Canon MX922 Scanner Driver & Manual Download Help

  • The driver is needed for the effective communication between the Canon PIXMA MX922 printer and the Mac or Windows PC.
  • The tool for performing the canon pixma mx922 how to scan operation is available in the MP driver package.
  • You can download the updated version of the software for your Canon PIXMA MX922 printer from this website.
  • Before you begin downloading the driver, ascertain that sufficient storage space is available on your personal computer.
  • Remove all the unnecessary temp and cache files that are present on the system.
  • Start downloading the software by clicking on the Driver Download button available on this page.
  • Wait for the download process to end and make sure not to power Off your computer.
  • After the driver file is downloaded, double-click on it to begin the installation. Canon mx922 Install the driver by carrying out the prompts that display on your desktop.
  • After launching the software, perform a scan job. If the driver is not compatible, download the IJ Scan Utility tool from the manufacturer’s site.
  • The user guide or manual is shipped with the Canon MX922 setup printer.
  • To obtain the PDF copy of the printer manual, download it for free from this page.

Canon MX922 Configuration & Software Installation Guide

To know how to install canon pixma mx922 software on your MX922 printer, you can either use the installation CD or download it using the Download link given on this site.

Configuration and Software Installation Guide
  • Once you download the Canon software on your computer, launch the installer.
  • Refer to the connection instructions displayed on the screen and click Next.
  • A list of software for the printer will appear on the screen.
  • Ensure that the MP Driver is selected and click Next.
  • You can also choose the other required software.
  • Click Next to launch the Canon mx922 Install Wizard.
  • Choose your Canon printer from the Detected Printer List and select the Next button.
  • When you see the Setup Completion screen, click the Complete button.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to conclude the printer setup.
  • Click Next and proceed to set up the printer to a network.

Canon MX922 Wireless Protected Configuration Setup

Canon MX922 WPS Setup for Windows

  • Turn on the Canon printer and wait for it to complete the alignment process.
  • Download and install the printer software on your Windows computer.
  • Tap the Menu or More Options button on the operation panel.
  • Select the WLAN Setup icon and wait for the printer to detect the available networks.
  • Tap the Down button and select the WPS option.
  • Touch PIN Code method and tap the OK button.
  • Now a PIN will appear on the printer’s touch panel.
  • Enter the displayed PIN in your router’s configuration page.
  • Now your Canon MX922 setup printer will attempt to connect to your access point.
  • Press the OK button after the printer connects to your network.
Configuration Setup Guide Windows

Canon MX922 WPS Setup for Mac

Canon MX922 Mac Configuration Setup
  • Be sure to keep the printer turned on.
  • Without installing the printer software, you cannot initiate the WPS connection.
  • Download the software by clicking the link given on this site.
  • Double-click on the downloaded software to start the installation automatically.
  • Connect a USB cable between your printer and computer.
  • Go to Applications and select Canon Utilities.
  • Select IJ Network Tool Canon IJ Network Tool. When the drop-down box appears, click Setup.
  • Under the Printers section, choose MX920 series. Click Wireless LAN OK Yes.
  • Choose your Canon MX922 with Canon IJ Network tool in the Kind section and click Add.
  • After completing the setup, detach the USB cable.

Canon MX922 Printer Print Setup Help

The Canon MX922 printer performs high-end printing. Before starting the printing process, ensure that the printer is properly set up and free of dust or debris. Pull the input tray and load supported papers into it. Open the document that you wish to print and with the help of the Print Dialog box, make necessary changes to the print settings. You can proceed to print your document. It is important to keep the canon mx922 scanner driver updated so that you get access to all the advanced print features. Usage of compatible papers is necessary to print from the Canon MX922 setup printer.

How to Setup Canon Pixma MX922 Scan

  • The guidelines that you need to perform scanning is given below.
  • Change the printer to the active state if it is in the sleep mode.
  • Canon mx922 Install the driver on the system. After installing, connect a USB cable between the printer and the system’s rear port.
  • Use the Function button to alter the scan settings such as scan size, resolution or data format.
  • The document to be scanned has to be placed on the platen or into the Document feeder tray.
  • The positions of placing the document may vary. For platen, mount original with the printed side facing downwards.
  • If you are using the ADF tray, insert the media such as document or photo with the printed side facing upwards.
Canon Pixma MX922 Printer Scan Setup Guide
  • Press either the Color or Black button to begin the scanning process.
  • After the scan process completes, the file will be stored in the Default location.

How to Setup Canon Pixma MX922 Fax

  • Canon Pixma MX922 printer Fax setup is a simple & easy process. Before you begin the setup, connect the necessary cables to the printer.
  • Get a telephone cable for the connection setup.
  • Make sure to remove the cap of the telephone cable before connecting it to the telephone or an answering machine.
  • After finishing the connection setup, power on your Canon MX922 setup printer.
  • Touch the Menu button, scroll the screen, and select the Setup option.
  • Once you select the Setup option, click OK.
  • Press the Device Settings option and select the OK button.
  • Use the arrow keys to select the options.
  • At the top of the Device Settings list, you will see FAX settings. Click on it.
  • Under FAX settings, choose the Easy Setup option and click the Start setup icon.
  • Make sure to click the OK button whenever you select an option.
  • Perform the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the setup.
  • Press Hook (to check the dial tone status), and make a selection in the next page as you require.
  • Now the Fax Easy Setup is done, and you can perform the Fax operation.

Canon Pixma MX922 Copy Setup Guide

  • Power on your Canon Pixma MX922 printer.
  • Open the input tray, load enough paper in it, and close the tray.
  • In Canon Pixma MX922 printer, you can find two sources for loading paper; the upper & lower cassette.
  • Load small-sized paper in the upper cassette& large-sized in the lower cassette.
  • Now, lift the scanner lid and place the original document to be copied on the scanner glass.
  • Close the scanner lid.
  • On the Canon MX922 printer control panel, perform the following operations.
  • Touch the Copy icon.
  • Press Properties. You will find a set of options such as a number of copies, print settings, and the preview option in the next page.
  • Set number of copies you need using the + or - sign at the top-right of the screen.
  • Press the Print Settings to change the page size, media type, and print quality, and so on.
  • Press the Color icon to choose the color of your copy.
  • Finally, press the Preview button to check the changes you have made.
  • Now the printer prints the Copy of the document you have placed on the scanner glass.

Common Canon Pixma MX922 Troubleshooting Errors to be Fixed

Below listed are a few common error codes that are displayed when your printer faces any problem.



Replace the cartridges that are out of ink. Remove the old cartridges and unpack the new cartridges from its package. Canon mx922 Install the new cartridges in their slots.



The cartridges that you have inserted are not proper. You have installed them incorrectly. Remove the cartridges and re-install them again.



This indicates a printer error. Disconnect the printer's power cable from the power supply and connect it again to resolve this issue.



A service error has occurred. Turn off the Canon printer and open the cover of the printer. Check for any orange tape of polystyrene material. If present, remove it from there and keep it aside. Close the Canon MX922 setup printer cover and try printing.

Fix Canon Printer Scan,Fax & Copy Setup & Issues

Canon Printer Scan, Fax and Copy Setup
  • For scan related issues, check if there are any objects or debris present in the scanner glass. Clean the glass with a cloth if necessary. This can solve the scanner issues.
  • Check if there are any paper jam. Check all the parts of the printer. If any paper has been stuck, remove it carefully with both your hands.
  • If you are facing an issue with canon pixma mx922 fax setup, first, check if you have dialed the correct fax number of the recipient. Dial the correct number and try to send it again.
  • If you have any setup related issues, then uninstall the printer driver and Canon mx922 Install it again. This will resolve the setup issues.
  • Service your printer the issues could not be resolved.

Fix Canon Pixma MX922 Printer Ink Cartridges Replacement & Issues

Though the ink cartridge replacement process seems to be easy, you need to be careful while installing the tanks. Make sure you do not leave the machine as such after removing the older ink tanks. Replace them with the new ones immediately. Avoid installing a used ink tank as its nozzles may clog resulting in the print quality deterioration, and there is a possibility that the Canon MX922 setup printer may not detect the cartridges and fail to inform when to replace the ink tanks.

  • After turning the printer on, open the paper output tray, document cover, and the ink cover one by one.
  • Do not touch the machine until the moving printhead holder stops.
  • You will be able to see the ink tanks with lamps flashing on them.
  • The ink tank with the light flashing faster should be replaced first.
  • Make sure to push the corresponding tab of the ink tank downwards to remove them.
  • Canon mx922 Install the replacement ink tank into the empty slot. Make sure it is secured firmly.
  • Once they are installed, do not remove them from the machine or leave them open.
  • Close the ink cover and the document cover.
  • Now that the ink cartridges have been replaced, try to print.
Ink Cartridges Replacement and Issue Fix

Best Printing Techniques on Printer

The printing techniques vary based on the device from which you want to print. When you print from a computer, you can print using the canon mx922 scanner driver application software and via Google Print. In case of mobile printing, Bluetooth and Google Print can be used. You can also use the Operation Panel when you want to print from a CD/DVD and USB drive. Among these techniques, printing from the application software is more comfortable and most widely used.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Canon MX922 setup absolutely fits your Window OS, provided you download the correct driver and update it regularly. Get to know the Windows version on your system before you download the printer software.

When your network cannot detect your printer, try the steps below one by one.

  • Restart your Canon MX 922 printer and the computer.
  • Connect your printer to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Try deleting the printer driver and then re-install it.
  • Check if your operating system is up to date.

The answer is a big yes. The Canon MX 922 is enabled with the duplex printing feature. You just need to select the Two-Sided checkbox in the Print Dialog box. Other settings should be set based on your preference. When the Canon MX922 setup printer completes printing on one side, it takes a few seconds to print the other side to allow the ink dry on the first side. Make sure you do not touch the sheet during this waiting period.

You can scan your files to PDF using the IJ Scan Utility. Make sure you save the file in the PDF format in the Settings segment. Use the customs option in the IJ Scan Utility to scan with your preferred settings. The files will be scanned and saved in the PDF format.

If you face the Pixma MX922 not printing issue, first you need to check for the canon mx922 scanner driver updates. If there are updates available, do that without any hesitation. If your Canon MX922 setup printer prints only blank pages, then check the ink levels. If the cartridges are low on ink, replace them with the new ones.

If you are unable to scan using your Canon MX 922 directly, then try to scan using the My Image Garden application. An alternative solution is to remove the scanner application and reinstall it to fix the issue.

Make sure you have placed the originals in the ADF properly when faxing manually. When you send a fax from your computer, make sure the Canon MX922 setup printer fax drivers are installed properly. Update them regularly when prompted. Make sure to enter the correct recipient address in the Direct Entry field.

Make sure you have placed the original in the correct position on the scanner glass. The printed side of the original should face the glass. Check if the document cover is closed. Leaving them open will interrupt your copying process. If you are using the ADF, do not remove the original copy from it until the copying process completes.

The Canon MX922 setup printer is compatible with AirPrint which lets you print from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. You need not Install any special drivers or software for using Airprint.